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"They did a great job. They did exactly what they were asked to do and they even completely cleaned up the mess. My husband was impressed by their skills."

Connie Hazer

Tree Removal

Do you have dying or damaged trees on your property? If so, get rid of them quickly. Such trees may weaken over a period of time and fall causing extensive damage to your property. Don't allow such a situation to happen. Get in touch with the staff at Morning Wood Tree Service to remove these trees quickly.


Our crew will ensure that other trees are not damaged when they cut down the diseased trees. We can haul away the debris after the completion of the job. You'll be glad to know that we can handle trees of any size. We'll do our best to complete the service on the same day, but this is determined by the nature of the job.


We're a locally owned, reputable business serving the Rockford, IL area. Military personnel can get a 10% discount on our services. Call us today to schedule tree removal services for your commercial or residential property!

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